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Herno Laminar: The Only Winter Coat You'll Need

Herno Laminar: The Only Winter Coat You'll Need

Herno Laminar

True to Herno Laminar’s claim of sartorial engineering, Herno has brought a technical approach to traditional garments. Through Herno’s partnership with Goretex & experimenting with clothing, they’ve arrived at the ideal intersection of style and practicality. The results are familiar styles that have been designed to face the elements. Each Herno Laminar piece has 4 factors that allows them to stand out from the competition.
Herno Laminar City Trench Grey

Durably Waterproof & Windproof

Herno’s innovation has given them the ability to create a wool-like exterior that is fully water repellant. A membrane lines the exterior for a second layer that keeps each jacket waterproof and ready for the elements, no matter the conditions you face.

When frigid cold gusts of wind blow into you, don’t worry about whether the breeze will creep through the exterior. The same membrane that keeps it waterproof ensures that no wind will get through, keeping you both warm and dry to the bone.

Herno Goretex Laminar


The inner lining is designed to keep the exterior elements out but still allow air to flow out. When you’re feeling too hot, know that the fabric works to keep you from overheating.
Herno Laminar Jacket & Hestra Gloves


Contrary to the perception that lightweight doesn’t mean warm, Herno’s jackets are a great example that isn’t the case. Every jacket of the ‘City Trench’ collection is down-filled, though remaining inexplicably lighter than their peers while maintaining the same, if not better, performance.

Stylistically Familiar

Describing Herno could be summed up with ‘functional without forsaking aesthetics’. Herno blends technology while being influenced by traditional silhouettes, in bringing these two together they aim to create timeless pieces. Herno’s simplistic designs blend with each person’s signature style allowing the pieces to seamlessly transition from casual to dressy.
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