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Inis Meáin: Our SS21 Linen Collection & Story Behind the Sweaters

Inis Meáin: Our SS21 Linen Collection & Story Behind the Sweaters

As Canadian purveyors of well made garments, we at Blazer For Men are excited to introduce Inis Meáin’s Spring-Summer 2021 collection. Did you know that we buy our stock about 8 to 10 months in advance? So, in the June of 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, we cracked open our laptop, fired up trusty old Zoom and put together the SS21 (Spring Summer 2021) Inis Meáin collection. We typically work the collection in Florence or New York, with a full sample set, but with the travel restrictions, that was impossible. We took an optimistic, forward-looking approach to booking however, and we hope that is conveyed in the breadth of this season’s selection. The collection centres around specific themes we believe will resonate with you. Here’s our thought-process behind the buy:


1. Time to Embrace Wearing Linen

Inis Meáin takes pride in their linen, and for SS21, it’s the only material we’ve tapped into. Using the ‘European Masters of Linen’ standard ensures linen of the highest caliber, sustainable production methods, and traceability from field to yarn to fabric.

Because Inis Meáin eliminates issues sometimes associated with linen in their sourcing process, the result is fantastically durable and comfortable sweaters. How do they ensure shape integrity, you ask? Each linen thread is wrapped in a 1% lycra thread before being knit into a fabric and washed, which gives a crisp look and fantastic shape retention. The weight of linen knits make it feel substantial, but remarkably cool when you need it to be, making it our top pick for Spring and Summer layering. And if there’s ever a time to try a linen sweater, it’s got to be an Inis Meáin.

Fun Fact: Have you ever wondered why banquet halls use linen for tablecloths? It’s because linen is one of the strongest textile materials in the world and far more durable than cotton!



2. Add some colour


There is a tendency for guys to be conservative dressers, especially when choosing what colours to wear. No, it’s not just you, we’re guilty of it too! Our most colourful Inis Meáin collection to date exhibits a unique colour palette inspired by their namesake Aran Island. We see this as an opportunity to venture into the approachable nature of Inis Meáin’s beautiful gradient colours and marled knits. With our favourite patios and public places reopening, it’s the perfect time to venture into your new comfort zone.



3. Future vintage

What stands the test of time? In the context of clothing it's the ability to transcend waves of changing trends and remain relevant. A daunting proposition but if there is a brand capable of doing so it’s Inis Meáin. Continually innovating on centuries old Irish knitting styles and paired with meticulous craftsmanship, Inis Meáin retains a strong following we believe will stand the test of time. These are knits we envision being handed down or sought after in the future as ‘vintage’ collectibles.



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