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Close up image of a handheld portable steamer

Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Still wondering what to get him for Father’s Day?

Keeping Your dad looking sharp

1. The Handhelp Portable Steamer

We’re always being asked how to keep the shirts looking crisp in the morning, especially when travelling. While travelling in Italy, we were able to come across a new brand Steamery Stockholm. Their handheld portable steamer lets us help you address the problem. Whether you’re at home or halfway across the globe this is something that you can pack in your carry-on luggage on conveniently store away in a drawer. Plug it in, steam your shirt and you have a crisp looking shirt in under a minute


  • Heats up in 25 seconds
  • Small and compact, weighs only 0.5 kg
  • 83ml water tank – good for 6 minutes
  • Detachable brush for delicate materials like silk and wool

Collage of four pictures of the handheld portable steamer

2. The Minimalist Design Fabric Shaver

It’s inevitable all sweaters pill, but it doesn’t mean the sweater needs to look like you’ve rubbed up against a brick wall. We want to help keep you looking sharp, even in your knitwear. Also from Steamery Stockholm we’ve brought in a minimalist design fabric shaver. Not only is it beautifully designed, it uses an engine twice as powerful as any other fabric shaver on the market making sure to keep your sweater pill-free.


  • Charged with USB, no batteries needed
  • Operation: 50 minutes of continuous fabric removing
  • Auto Power Off: When removing the aluminum razor cover

Collage of 3 pictures of the handheld portable steamer

Could He Use a Few New Accessories?

If you’re stuck and can’t think of gift ideas, our suggestion is finding little things that help improve the wardrobe. The easiest way to spruce up the suit or sport jacket is with a pocket square. We have a whole new pocket square collection from Eton, Drake’s and other brands. Each square has a different pattern and colourway that can work with various wardrobe colours and ties.

Collage of 3 pictures of pocket squares

Swing by Saturday June 15, We’re Open 9:30am-5:30pm

Help Him Pick An Outfit

Every workplace has a different culture and dress code. We understand that each customer’s workplace demands a different wardrobe and aesthetic. If you’re shopping for someone this Father’s Day and need help finding an outfit that caters to their workplace let us help!

Picture of outfit laid out on the floor called The Startup


As workplaces get more casual it doesn’t mean you should dress any less sharp. Some environments no longer require a suit or sport jacket, this opens the opportunity for layering with a sweater instead. This Father’s Day build an outfit centered around having a sweater as the go-to layering piece.

Picture of outfit laid down on the floor called Casual Fridays


Casual Fridays have really take on the meaning of “casual”. In some workplaces t-shirt and jeans are the norm for casual Fridays. Understanding that, putting together a denim jacket and fitted jeans might work as a great outfit that will get a ton of wear.

Picture of cardigan laid down on the floor, which is inside a box with gift wrapping


Maybe the person you’re shopping for this Father’s Day just needs a total revamp in the wardrobe. That’s where you come in and we help you put your stamp on their wardrobe. If there is a lot of work needed to be done on the wardrobe think of this as the first step of building a new one.

Call us 905-338-0322 to book an appointment.


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