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Father's Day Gifts For The Traveling Dad

Wondering what to get him for Father’s Day?

One Jacket, Three Outfits

We are very aware of your busy lifestyle that takes you abroad on business trips and vacation. The struggle everyone faces is something we are constantly asked about: “How to pack less for trips while still having enough outfits to make it through the time away.” To provide you with some ideas on how you can do that, here’s one jacket, three outfits for three occasions.

Picture of man wearing a white dress shirt

1. The Business Meeting

If you need to bring one dress shirt and can’t decide, a basic white dress shirt is something that you can never go wrong with. It’s easy to pair with ties and is perfect for every business setting.

Casual outfiy laid down on the floor, recommended for a casual dinner

2. The Casual Dinner

With summer right around the corner, we wanted to show you more options than just wearing a sport shirt under the jacket. If it fits the setting, try a nice crisp polo shirt under your jacket.

Image of casual outlook laid down on the floor, recommended for going out for drinks

3. Out For Drinks

When you head to somewhere warm, dark colours won’t cut it. We suggest sprucing up the outfit with some colour and a lighter pair of pants like we did here. With warm weather, don’t feel weird wearing a short sleeve button-down shirt underneath!

A Gift for the Car Enthusiast

For the car lover, iconic British brands Jaguar and Private White V.C. have come together to build a jacket reflective of their luxury British style and their level of British craftsmanship. The garment merges both classic and contemporary, providing a subtle update to the much-loved Harrington style.

Produced in an exclusive run of four hundred pieces, each garment is numbered by hand and features co-branded copper studs. Make this Father’s Day gift something that he won’t find anywhere else in Canada.

Collage of images for Private White V.C.'s Jaguar® Driving Jacket, from full model pictures to close up details

The Jaguar® Driving Jacket

  • Official Collaboration with Jaguar®
  • 3 in 1 Design
  • A 100% waterproof Ventile® outer
  • A removable flannel & insulated zip out vest
  • Limited Edition – each piece comes hand-numbered
  • Military grade copper hardware
  • Made in Manchester, UK

THE Father's Day Gift for the Traveller

Father’s Day gifts can be tough, especially if you can’t think of anything you need. There might not be a need for another carry-on type luggage, but when something comes out that’s better than what you have, why settle? For those travelling on a quick business trip or from meeting to meeting around the world, the S.C Holdall from Bennett Winch is a must have. A 2-in-1 features a holdall and suit carrier in one.

The construction avoids hard, tight folds by allowing a jacket and trouser to be wrapped around the spacious central cylindrical bag, which is then secured with magnets and straps. Each element can also be used separately. On nearly every premium airline this will fit as a hand-luggage never needing to check in any bags.

Collage of images for Holdall from Bennett Winch

Visit us instore or call us to reserve your Holdall from Bennett Winch for Father’s Day.

Take a look at this video to demonstrate the many facets of the bag:


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