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Fall Outfits Curated by Randy

Fall Outfits Curated by Randy

A Tasteful Approach To Fall Layering
The separation between "work clothes" and "casual clothes" have become murky with the pandemic. Many are staying home nowadays and the casualization of the workplace has become accelerated, these two factors are top of the mind in the curation of these two outfits. Take a look below to see how Randy approaches Fall layering with different levels of formality.

L.B.M. 1911, Inis Meain, Echizenya Pants

'A Hiker's Blues'

As the name of the outfit might indicate, it's a warm look centered around activities out and about. The simplicity of the blues make the pieces chosen for this outfit very versatile and easy to pair, they should work well with almost anything you should have in the wardrobe. Highlighting two pieces, we'd first point to the L.B.M. 1911 Bouclé Jersey Bomber. A bomber is always a great outerwear option for Fall. The short cut and high collar offers a sporty look all while being warm enough for the cool fall air. The other piece being the Inis Meáin Worker's Tunic Sweater. The alpaca is soft and plush while providing a good amount of insulation, something you'd want whether you're outside or just lounging around
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Randy's Fall Outfit Selection

 'Fall-Oh the Leader'

Dressing up will always be part of the DNA at Blazer For Men, how it's executed will change with the times. The Harris Wharf Nehru Jacket is a perfect example of the evolution, cut like a blazer but given a nehru collar like that of a bomber presents a totally different aesthetic. A casual almost sport like look of the jacket is just another step towards more wardrobe versatility. 
As with fall, one can always be expectant of rain so it's necessary to have a stylish outerwear piece on hand that can handle any weather thrown your way. Herno Goretex Rain Jacket.......we'll leave it at that.
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