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Behind the Scenes at Echizenya

Behind the Scenes at Echizenya

      Echizenya is a label under the Eminento company, producing top quality pants in Japan since 1949. The factory is located in the rural town of Matsuura, on Japan’s southernmost main island of Kyushu, a 6 hour trip from the capital city of Tokyo by plane and car. 

The factory and HQ in Matsuura, Kyushu prefecture

      Employing 100 skilled workers and with a maximum production output of 800 pairs of pants per day, the factory is one of the most efficient of its kind in Japan. Each pair of pants goes through over a 150 fabrication steps, passing through dozens of skilled sets of hands and several proprietary cutting, sewing and assembly machines found nowhere else in the world.

Parent company Eminento Headquarters in Matsuura, Kyushu prefecture

Tradition & Innovation

Echizenya is not satisfied with just a “good” pair of pants. Every single detail is carefully considered and crafted with intention, from their triple threaded buttons and placement of the pockets to the curve of the waistband. 

Triple shank horn buttons

      For example, they use custom zippers that are larger on one side so the zipper curves the fly toward the inseam, rather than outward like many other trousers. Where else do you see that level of dedication? 

Curved waistband and custom asymmetrical zipper ribbon 

      The design is contemporary yet classic, combining Italian sophistication with the updated trends you’d expect from Japan. Adjustments are made by hand right down to the millimeter to ensure the perfect silhouette.

Let's Talk Fabrics

      Echizenya knows when to innovate and when to trust tradition. Their fabric suppliers in Japan produce unmatched durability, softness, and natural stretch, and they know that nothing can guarantee quality like having experts hand-craft each pair. They have also developed proprietary technology that allows them to produce their pants with extreme precision and allows for results that human hands alone cannot achieve.

The marriage of high-tech and high-touch production at the factory

      They have created cutting, sewing, and assembly machines that are not found anywhere else in the world, like their seat curve press, which creates a natural curve in the trousers. Think of it like 3-dimensional sewing. This kind of practice is extremely rare and results in a better fit than can be achieved by simply sewing flat fabric together. 

Trouser fabric before (top) and after (bottom) going through the seat curve press

Wash at Home, and Forget the Ironing

      Echizenya specifically designs many of their fabrics for the Canadian market, and are tested for resilience. Specifically the summer seersucker, the ultralights and most of the technical fabrics have also been developed to be machine washable, and they often don’t need to be ironed. 

Once you try them on, it's hard to go back

      All of the slim models have a natural stretch to them, so if you’ve gotten used to working from home in your joggers, this will be an easy transition. Truly, once a person tries these pants on, they find it hard to go back to their traditional wool trousers. The relaxed models offer comfort off the bat, while keeping your wardrobe on the cutting edge.

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