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What's Joker's Wild?

Since 1989, Blazer for Men has run a private instore sale called Joker's Wild, where customers choose the items they want, and at the cash counter pick a card from a full 54 card deck (with 1 Good Joker, and 1 Bad Joker) which gives them a chance to save up to 50% off their purchase.

Online customers can still enjoy 20% off all applicable items between June 16th and June 23rd.

The launch event coincides with the release of the 1989 Batman movie 'The Joker', and was advertised on the store windows facing the old Famous Players movie theatre right across the street.


1989's The Joker was an instant cult classic. When it was released in 1989, the movie theatre across the street from Blazer drew crowds, and we took that opportunity to create an event that tapped into the excitement. Little did we know it would stick for 35+ years!

It's a simple an fun way to show appreciation for our customers in season, and we continue it to this day in store. Here are a few old campaigns we ran back in 2006 and 2010.

To cut the deck for a chance to save up to 50%, you must be present in store during the event window.