Fall Winter 2020

Curated Collection for Fall & Winter Wardrobes

A Tasteful Approach To Fall Layering

The separation between "work clothes" and "casual clothes" have become murky with the pandemic. Many are staying home nowadays and the casualization of the workplace has become accelerated, these two factors are top of the mind in the curation of these seasonal outfits. Take a look below to see how the staff at Blazer approaches Fall layering with different levels of formality.

Hiker's Blues

Blue with a twist of texture will fit the bill for all of your suburban hikes this fall. Mosey on over to the heated patio for a refreshing beverage afterwards, equally as well-dressed.

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Fall-Oh the Leader

Dressing up will always be part of the DNA at Blazer. See how Randy has chosen to take a sportier approach to the sport jacket, softer tailoring, which are hallmarks of an elevated wardrobe in a casual world.

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Fall you Need is Love

Matt is the romantic one of the bunch, but everybody knows that! He put together an outfit for the other romantics out there, looking for the right outfit to stroll downtown with this fall, hand in hand, comfortably and casually.

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Patchworking from Home

Working from home means you get to dress up, down or sideways, so why not wear something that keeps you cozy, but isn't embarrassing!

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Doubling Down

A clean minimal approach to fall & winter fashion. A double breasted jacket, double pleat pants revisits classic styles with a modern twist.


Running 'Arans'

Brian's using understated and functional pieces to compliment the rich Inis Meáin zip cardigan, allowing the beauty of the Aran knit to stand out.

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Three, Toque, One

Navy, Orange, Grey? How you accessorize is up to you. As temperatures drop, how you accessorize allows you to express your own personal style.

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Nothing but Knit

Telecommuting got you down? Dress up with super comfortable knit pants, shirts and jackets. Look how comfortable Gregory looks, even though he's hard at work!

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Back to business

Well, 2021 is in our sights, and there will be plenty to celebrate! Be prepared for the weddings, the parties and the random get togethers.

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The Wild One

No two personal tastes are the same. For the person who likes to stand out and have a bit of fun, here's a collection of our most vibrant and unique pieces.

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Coming soon!

It takes time to put together these outfits, but we're working a few more for you to feast on right now! Stay tuned.

Coming Soon!

It takes time to put together these outfits, but we're working a few more for you to feast on right now! Stay tuned.