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Tintoria Mattei

Tintoria Mattei

Since 1954

The fabrication of cuffs, the finishing of the placket, the two shallow-hole buttons that Mr Angelo, the founder, used in the Fifties, are the details that still adorn each Tintoria Mattei shirt today. The hand-made cotton label is a reflection of the search for beauty in small gestures and details.

1954. The year the founders’ adventure began with an effortless pursuit of timeless elegance, in the cult of intrinsic sophistication of Italy in the Fifties. This attitude that sought beauty in nature, reflects the globetrotter that wears Tintoria Mattei: he has a penchant for enjoying life by embracing the past and focusing on the beauty that surrounds him.

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Soft Geometric Print Slim Shirt / Ivory

Tintoria Mattei


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