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Taking Pride in Dressing Down

Taking Pride in Dressing Down

We believe in slow fashion. Buy less, buy better, and shop local when possible.

Doing this can help reduce your carbon footprint, and may even help you sleep better at night. But what we at Blazer strive for (as do many local small businesses that are disproportionately hurt by this pandemic), is to give our customers a better shopping and owning experience than what you'd get buying from big box stores.

The price tag of better products can sting at first, but the satisfaction of a great owning experience lasts much longer. You end up buying less, which could very well mean that you spend less in the long run. You contribute less to landfills, and reduce environmental impacts from unnecessary production and transportation of more cheap goods. This is mainly true for items you use regularly, like clothes.

That said, if you're like us, then you're itching to dress a little bit nicer as the weather warms up, but with another round of strict lockdowns (thanks Doug!), we're kind of stuck wearing our 'comfy' clothes. Instead of reaching for your tired trackpants and saggy sweatshirt, we wanted to share a few environmentally conscious brands that make phenomenal casual clothes, so you can feel good about what you wear, even when you're relaxing or running errands.

Paul & Shark

Paul & Shark

Paul & Shark makes some of the world's finest casual wear, and pledged to produce 50% of the collection out of recycled fabrics, and Paul & Shark obtained the first Italian Plastic-free Certification.

In fact, Paul & Shark has developed several strategies to minimize their carbon footprint and environmental impacts, and has even obtained the ISO 14001 certification, which is the latest international standard for an effective environmental management system with worldwide recognition. Learn more here.

We love Paul & Shark for the bright colours and iconic designs, but also for the unrivaled quality. Each piece has been built to last, which means you wear it longer, and waste less. In the fight for sustainability, we think that's the best strategy.

Shop our latest Paul & Shark collection here.



AG Jeans

Adriano Goldschmeid Jeans was launched in 2000 by Yul Ku, a pioneer in the denim industry. From the initial stages of concept and design, to cutting, sewing, laundering, finishing and shipping, AG’s vertically integrated manufacturing facilities unite their design expertise with manufacturing ingenuity—truly unparalleled in the fashion industry. Translation: they make truly great jeans.

Providing a one-time gimmick like an “eco jean” or a one-off capsule collection wasn’t good enough — AG Jeans wanted to pursue sustainability in a sustainable way.

Using recycled water during production, supporting water conservation initiatives around the world, and the life cycle of each pair of AG Jeans, you're making a positive impact by choosing AG Jeans over fast fashion brands.

Shop our latest AG Jeans collection here.


Good Man Brand

Good Man Brand

Everyone needs a good pair of sneakers in their wardrobe. Might as well make them stylish, comfortable and last way longer than the mall brand ones.

Good Man Brand is on a mission to inspire others to do good and commit to making a lasting change in the world by donating 3% of every purchase to the Why Not You Foundation, and they also holds themselves accountable as a Public Benefits corp and are B-Corp Certification Pending.

They keep it simple and consider sustainability at every stage, from design to recycling and adhere to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

If they can't make it Good, they don’t make it at all.

Shop our Good Man Brand Selection here.


Blazer Boys


Even though we are locked down, we're at the shop 6 days a week to help you prepare for your summer and fall wardrobe needs, whether its casual, for a wedding or to tailor your work clothes that may not fit anymore! No judgements here!

Contact us, and share your feedback.

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