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Meeting Your Warm Weather Needs?

For those who are heading somewhere warm, whether you’re looking for short sleeveshirts, polos, shorts or sneakers we have you covered. Have a look at new arrivals from Eton, Goodman Brand, Benson & more!

Looking to kickstart spring and summer?

Fortunately for those with kids, March Break is just around the corner. Or if your kids are the ones with kids, maybe it’s a trip down south to escape the last few weeks of winter. Regardless of the reason, it’s the right time to swing by to get those warm weather pieces you’re missing. Whether you’re looking for short sleeve shirts, polos, shorts or sneakers we have you covered. Have a look below to see some of the new arrivals.

1. Short Sleeve Button Ups

Image of short sleeve shirt

Looking for funky prints, hawaiian prints, linen shirts, camp-collars? Whatever shirt style you’re looking for we have you covered.

2. Polo Shirts & T-Shirts

Image of blue polo shirt

Vacations are a good time to explore your playful side! Be as bold as you want, and add some colour to your warm weather wardrobe. Whether it’s purple, pink or aqua, we have a variety of choices to complement your mood while relaxing under the sun.

3. Shorts

Image of shorts on mannequin

If you need the basics covered; black, navy, tan, we have them all. If you’re looking for something beyond the basics, try some printed shorts from Mason’s. Cool cargos have even made a comeback.

4. Sneakers

Images of three different sneakers lined up next to each other

Nothing pops like a fresh pair of kicks. Get in the mood for the sunny weather with one of this season’s bright coloured sneakers from Goodman Brand, Lloyd and Paul and Shark.

5. Accessories

Image of belt

Love the sockless look but realize sweating in your shoe isn’t good for the leather? We have no show socks that will give you the sockless look but keep your feet covered! Need a sporty belt that works great with shorts? Take a look at Anderson’s belts.

We’re constantly receiving new Spring product. To get away from the winter blues and think of the spring to come, pop by to see the new trends coming up or swing by to enjoy an espresso with us!

 Call us 905-338-0322 to book an appointment.


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