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Picture of gifts at the bottom of the Christmas tree

Last Minute Gifts? What Should You Get?

You have just a week till Christmas and you’re left with the dilemma of what to get. Whether it’s a co-worker, a brother, an in-law, husband, parent or grandparent, here are ideas to cover every person on your list.

5 Gift Ideas

With one week away it’s the time to scramble to get the gifts and get them wrapped. Easier said than done, you might not even know what to get them! Here are 5 gift ideas that cater to five different stages in life, likely covering all of life’s scenarios. Here’s to hoping this will make your Christmas shopping a little easier.

Picture of a blue Reigning Champ sweater positioned on a mannequin


We’ve all been there, late nights at the library studying and laundry doesn’t get done because the parents aren’t around to do them. So the easiest thing to do for college students is to reach for their default campus sweater. Sure it’s easy to wear but why leave them wearing a cheaply made one from somewhere overseas? Reigning Champ manufactures 100% cotton hoodies made in Canada. Not only are they sourced well, the hoodies get better with wear and even more comfortable over time. It’ll actually last longer than the one wash you’re able to get on it on the only weekend they’re home.

Picture of man modeling a pair of Echizenya pants


Starting a new job and entering the workforce comes with it’s own set of challenges. One major one is the transition in wardrobe from a student to the workforce. Gone are daily t-shirt and sweatpant combinations, it’s time to start wearing dress pants, suits and dress shirts. The challenge of jumping from clothing so comfortable is the perception that work clothes can’t be comfortable. Contrary to that belief, Echizenya’s chameleon is as it sounds, blending into the environment it finds itself in. Whether it’s being paired with a sport jacket at the office, or a pair of sneakers and denim jacket at the bar after, it fits into any setting. The Echizenya Chameleon pants make for a great gift to get the wardrobe build going.

Picture of blue turtle neck on a mannequin


The classic shirt, tie and suit/sport jacket combo is a standard for most workforces. The easy gift option is to add another shirt and tie, pick a colour that they don’t have to give more options and variety. While that’s an option, might we present another option, a turtleneck. Not only does the turtleneck sweater work under a suit or sport jacket, it also works casually unlike a dress shirt. While it might be odd to see a shirt and tie with jeans on the weekend, it’s completely appropriate to wear a turtleneck with jeans on the weekend. Other than versatility, knitwear typically feels more comfortable, with the extra stretch and movement that typically isn’t found in dress shirts. This Christmas season, help push the work wardrobe to be more versatile and stylish by gifting a turtleneck sweater.

Picture of a pair gloves


For those who’ve been in the workforce for a while, the wardrobe has been built up quite thoroughly. The variety of dress shirts are covered, the suit selection is endless and there is little need to add sweaters or pants. So what do you get the one who seems to have it all in the wardrobe? You get the item that elevates the rest of the wardrobe and is something they don’t have. In winter, accessories are what elevate the nice topcoat and boots, so we recommend gifting a pair of Peccary Cashmere-Lined Gloves. What is Peccary? It is the cashmere equivalent in leather, it hails from a Peccary Pig located exclusively in South and Central America. The gloves are known as “lifetime” gloves reputable for looking better with age due to it’s unique durability, elasticity and suppleness. It is also known to be the hardest leather to damage through normal usage. Wouldn’t that make for a great gift?

Picture of burgundy sweater placed on a mannequin


Suits have been hung and will only come out for formal events and weddings. No more 9-5 grind, nowadays it’s time spent working around the house, at the cottage or at the golf club. The new uniform is much more casual, jeans instead of dress pants, t-shirts in place of dress shirts, it might seem tough to know what you can get him. Might we suggest a cozy wool zip sweater. The full-zip sweater can act as a stand alone sweater over a t-shirt in the early fall or an additional layer between the shirt and winter jacket when needed. The style choice here is endless, a high collar can act like a mock turtleneck, a bomber style gives a sport look or opt for hoodie casual vibe. This cozy full-zip helps give the new uniform another dimension for the colder months.

If you need any more GIFT IDEAS for THIS CHRISTMAS, or any other occasions, swing by the shop! We’ve got your back.

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