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Holiday Parties, How are you dressing?

It’s a festive time of the year and parties are popping up. Whether they’re family get togethers or corporate parties we want to help you prepare for the dress code. Here are 5 things to think about to round out your outfit.

5 things you can consider

It’s finally December and Christmas is right around the corner. With the snowfall and Christmas decor comes the bountiful Christmas parties. Whether it’s the corporate Christmas party, one hosted by friends or one with family, you are bound to encounter themes for every gathering. To ensure your outfit is prepared for every occasion, we’ve thought over some small details you might overlook. Here are 5 things you can consider to round out the perfect outfit.

Picture of two sets of holiday looks with sport jackets in them


Corporate functions can get quite mundane, everyone wears the same navy and grey suit or sport jacket. Parties are an opportunity to have fun with the outfit and stand out, even more so at Christmas! Do something outside of the normal Monday to Friday wardrobe, consider an eye catching option like the velvet jackets from Robert Graham or John Varvatos x Led Zeppelin.

Picture of a blue tie


What kind of Christmas party are you attending, is it  more formal, casual, a black tie event? Each occasion will dictate how you choose to ornate your neck. For the traditionalists, a black silk tie or bowtie is timeless and is the right attire for a black tie event. If you find yourself in a more modern Christmas theme it might be time to bring out a funky bow tie or tie adding some spunk to the outfit.

Picture of pocket square in the front pocket of a black jacket


One might wonder what is the importance of a pocket square is, it takes up such a small visual percentage of the overall outfit. It’s like the icing on the cake, sure the cake tastes great but it’s the sweet and creamy icing that rounds out the flavour. The pocketsquare is a visual icing, it rounds out the suit or sport jacket. A clean white square is a classic look but adding some pop with a flashy silver square might be a nice variation for those formal events. For more casual events, colourful pocketsquares allow you to add a pop of colour to any outfit.

Picture of cufflinks on top of their respective boxes


Formal events typically come with a theme, whether it’s keeping to the Christmas season or not. For these events, you might see yourself pulling out the french cuff shirts. This is a great way to to get a little thematic and flashy by adding themed cufflinks. Whether it’s a roulette table cufflink or santa cufflink, it’s a nice touch for the outfit.

Picture of a bunch of pairs of socks against a white background


The easiest way to get into a festive mood, Christmas socks. Even a basic outfit can be spruced up with Christmas socks and add a little bit of cheer to the look. Say Christmas socks aren’t fitting of the occasion, that’s fine a colourful pair of socks or even a glittery pair goes a long way to add a pop of colour.

If you need any more INSPIRATION for THE COMING WEEKS, or any other occasions, swing by the shop! We’ve got your back.

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