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Picture of Winter boots lined up against a grey wall

First Snowfall, Is Your Wardrobe Ready?

A little earlier than usual but we’ve received our first snowfall of the year. Between changing winter tires and freezing your hands sweeping off the snow from your car, here are some wardrobe ideas that will have you ready for the crazy weather!


If you’re like us, snowfall in some parts of the GTA has moved you to start changing your car tires. Just like your car, you’ll need to be putting new treads on your feet. To get you started, here are factors to think about with your next footwear purchase:

Collage of four different Winter boots


What footwear addition do you need to make can be a complicated question. Where does one start, what are the things to consider? Here are questions to get the ball rolling:

  • Is this a shoe I need to be wearing at work? Do I want the ability to dress this up with a sport jacket and slacks but also wear with jeans on the weekend? If the answer is yes, maybe a chukka boot is the way to go.
  • Are you a loafer guy during the summer and prefer slip-ons? Try a chelsea boot this fall.
  • Finding laces to be a hassle but still prefer the lace-up look? Giulio Moretti makes a great side-zip boot!
  • Maybe you’ve seen all the styles, what if you want something that is functional but unique? Heschung features boots made in France that have styles unique to them.

Collage of four different types of soles for Winter shoes or boots


What kind of sole do you need? Each person’s needs vary depending on where they plan on wearing it. Here are questions to consider:

  • Will you be wearing your footwear to hike or cover a lot of ground? Walking through a lot of puddles or messy areas? Consider a rubber Dainite sole.
  • Lot of client meetings or walking around a lot indoors? Opt for a lightweight rubber sole.
  • How hard are you on your footwear? If you’re hard on your shoes make the investment in Heschung’s custom rubber soles made exclusively for them.

Picture of the linnings of two different type of Winter boots


The lining of the shoe will dictate where and when you can wear your shoes. Here are questions to consider:

  • Will you be doing a lot of outdoor activities and find your feet get cold? You should consider a pair of boots with shearling lining.
  • Do you find you need to walk through a lot of puddles and later on a lot of slush? Gore-Tex lined boots are the way to go.
  • Need something classy that you only plan on wearing to and from the car and indoors? A classic leather lining should be sufficient.

Wardrobe Inspiration For The Coming Weeks

Looking forward at the next few weeks we’re seeing a trend in the weather. Short days and gloomy weather approaches with a forecast of rainy days and temperatures hovering between 8°C to -5°C. Here are a couple outfit inspirations centered around the temperatures we’re expecting. One for a more formal work environment the other for a casual work setting.


Two images, side by side, of a long lightweight jacket from Bugatti

Two side by side images of Bugatti lightweight Weinter jacket, with a closeup of a pair of gloves in one of its pockets


Two side by side images of Herno Winter jacket

 Two side by side images of buttoned up Herno Winter jacket

Here are the highlight of the pieces to think over:

f you don’t have a jacket for the cold you better get to it. Both the Bugatti and Herno jackets displayed are waterproof and windproof, something that is necessary for this time of the year. We’d recommend having something that has a liner or down filling like both these options. It allows you to transition even as it gets into the -10° or colder.

THE Necessary Accessories

What are the core accessories every man should never be without once the colder months roll around. Here are 3 items you should have to for fall that will transition into winter.

Picture collage of different types of gloves


Every morning, you start the car and whether it be the car door or steering wheel, have you noticed the sudden chill? Your hands need gloves. If you find yourself needing to text while on the go or waiting for the GO, the new tech-tipped gloves from Hestra allow you to use your smartphone without ever taking off the gloves.

A picture collage of different types of toques


Jackets, pants and shoes leave one place unprotected from the elements, your head! Don’t go around walking with your hands covering your ears, get a toque. A good toque can round out the outfit, whether it’s complementing the wardrobe or adding a bit of pop.

Two pictures side by side of different scarves


Scarves aren’t just an accessory for an aesthetic purpose. With cooler weather and chillier winds, the scarf gives your neck warmth and protects from wind. While we’re on the topic, it might be time to ditch the scarf you’ve had for 10 years that has pilling all over and the colour is fading.

If you need any more iINSPIRATION for THE COMING WEEKS, or any other occasions, swing by the shop! We’ve got your back.

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