Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook

New Spring/Summer 2012 Collections

The days are getting longer and the layers are getting lighter—don’t forget to swing by Blazer For Men to get the Spring back into your step! Here are the top 5 reasons to revitalize your wardrobe for the Spring/Summer 2012 season:

5. Updating your wardrobe is a sign you’ll maintain your appearance for years to come. Dump those old chunky shoes, and those around you will notice your style update. Few things go as far in terms of staying youthful-looking (not to mention feeling great) as a new pair of shoes appropriate to the climate. Take note that by ‘new’ we mean both unworn and stylish.

4. You’ll look better in photos. Whether you enjoy quiet picnics by the lake, or taking your friends out in your 150ft yacht on the lake, a camera phone is rarely out of reach—especially in the summer. Look back on this summer fondly and reminisce about the great memories that were had, and not the frumpy polo you wore in every. single. picture.

3. It’s not what people think—but it kind of is. As much as we don’t like to admit it, our first impressions are rarely made vocally. Dressing like you give a damn creates the impression that you actually give a damn—which helps people shape a favourable opinion of you before you even say a word. Finally, people that give a damn tend to attract other people that give a damn.

2. Your boss (or employees) will notice. They just do. They will notice that you take pride in your appearance and by extension your surroundings (including them!) If you’re the boss, set the tone by wearing lighter pants, a pop of colour or even short sleeves (30ºC+). If you’re trying to become the boss, outshine your competitors for maximum effectiveness, but remember to stay classy.

1. You’ll feel good. When you know you look good, you feel good. Studies have shown that feeling like you look good will not only give your self-esteem an extra boost, but it may also affect how others perceive you. People who are more attractive are seen as more intelligent, happier, and more competent overall.† What’s better than feeling good—especially if it means you get preferential treatment that makes you feel even better? It’s a wonderful vicious circle.

Be the first to make a great impression.

Don’t miss out: Blazer For Men buys limited quantity in any particular style, and once it sells out, it’s gone forever! Check out our lookbook for just a peek of what’s in store, but stop by for over 4200 square feet of premium brands, service and style.


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