Shoes: Do’s and Don’ts

Shoe Haiku
Feet need the comfort
Stylish shoes complete the look
Strut with confidence

You’ve heard it before, you’ll hear it again: shoes complete the outfit.
Shoes complete the outfit. We cannot stress enough the importance of this often overlooked necessity—it’s not an accessory. Shoe styles seem to exemplify trends and they are a dead giveaway as to how little or much you are up-to-date with your appearance. Shoes are your time to shine—or matte, depending on the outfit.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for footwear this Spring:

• DO            match the silhouette of your outfit. Slimmer pants warrant slimmer soles.
• DON’T     wear bowling shoes unless you’re bowling—no exceptions.

•DO             wear brown shoes with dark and light suits alike for business or for a less formal celebration.
•DON’T      forget to polish your dress shoes once every 4-5 wears.

•DO             buy shoes snug, but not tight. Leather and other natural materials tend to stretch over time and form to your foot.
•DON’T      buy cheaply made shoes. They can affect your posture and cause you to become more tired.

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