Sand Clothing

Introducing Sand, one of the most exciting and innovative premium fashion brands to come to North America in many years.

We invite you to discover the ‘SAND Universe’ – a family-owned international fashion house based in Copenhagen, Denmark, a nation famously obsessed with design. This modern lifestyle collection is a true international success story that we look forward to sharing with you.

Founded in the early 1980s in Copenhagen, Denmark, Sand is conceived by visionary husband and wife team and sole owners Lene Sand, Creative Director, and her husband Søren Sand, CEO. Together, this dynamic couple have built an impressive empire. The company now operates 15 free-standing stores internationally and is showcased at more than 1,500 retail clients in more than 23 countries including some of the world’s most iconic retailers such as Harrods, Selfridges, Louisa Via Roma, Harvey Nichols, Harry Rosen, Traffic LA and Atrium NYC.

One of the brand’s hallmarks is its ability to remain provocative by combining the highest quality with creative design at approachable price points. There hasn’t been anything as exciting or relevant as this to come along to challenge the designer sector in recent years.

Sand is a global fashion force that adheres to the sartorial values of the established brands of the last 20 years. It features fabrications from the top European mills and is produced in many of Europe’s finest production facilities. The attention to detail is meticulous with a sophisticated taste level and a visually strong lifestyle concept.

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