Luigi Bianchi (Since 1911)

It is impossible to tell the story of Luigi Bianchi Mantova without telling the history of one man, Luigi Bianchi himself. Luigi, who in 1898 at only 16 years of age, left his town in the province of Mantova – San Michele in Bosco – to go to Turn to learn the secrets of the tailoring trade. He wanted to become a tailor, a master tailor, to dignify the family tradition of his father Paride and his grandfather Giuliano, who were door to door tailor and barbers in the towns around the countryside.

Luigi Bianchi Mantova is a company that knows how to renew itself remaining loyal to its tradition, with strong ties to the region, to its culture and to the social fabric of a city intertwined with the events and the successes of this company as much as its own history.

For almost 100 years, Lubiam (Short for Luigi Bianchi of Mantova) has been producing men’s garments of the highest quality from its Mantova factory. As the oldest, continuous clothing manufacturer in Italy, Lubiam invented the clothing based assembly line production facility without compromising quality- and this still holds true today.

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