Special Thanks

Special thanks to Dan and Rebecca at Hawkeye in Acton for teaching me how to handle the birds of prey, Oakville Appliances for the fridge, Jonathan Lam for being a cover model unexpectedly, my neighbour Kelly for lending us the antique globe, and to our customers for giving us a purpose.


Tuning in to Fall and Winter

As we flock together into Fall, and inevitably Winter, we wanted to give you a few ideas on how to spread your wings this season. Each bird of prey represents a personality we cater to, and each prop, their tool of choice. And yes, we actually went to a farm in Acton to take these pictures with the birds! (Bald Eagles are not easy to find!)
We made this book with unique clothes sourced from around the world, just for you. We love to talk about clothes and style (and pretty much any other topic actually), so swing by the store for a few ideas on what to wear to your next big event, a gift for the man in your life, or even for an espresso and a hot take on the Leafs’ chances this season.
– The Blazer Team