Execs on the Beach; Forget the All-Inclusives, Here are 3 Luxury Destinations Fit for an Exec

You like great food, great wine and great service. That’s why you enjoy spending your hard earned dough at fine dining establishments like Season’s and CUCCI here in Oakville for those special occasions, or even just as a reward to yourself for a job well done.

And sure, there are decent–dare I say even ‘good’–fast food options out there these days. But rarely do those options come with a server that remembers your name, let alone your favorite wine… or your attends to your every need while under their care. All-Inclusive resorts share the same one-size-fits-most strategy as fast food restaurants, but at a cost. Finding a decent spot on the beach becomes a race in the morning, the margaritas are a bit slower to arrive, and the caliber of the food takes a considerable hit. With that in mind, here are three destinations that we feel are sure to satisfy even the most discerning vacation-goers, and will have the execs on the beach returning home feeling truly relaxed and refreshed.

Packing suggestions:

  • Sand Shortsleeve Floral Shirt
  • 34 Heritage Grey Nevada Short
  • Dom Vetro Tortoise Lupetto Sunglasses
  • Pig + Hen Nautical Bracelet
  • Anderson’s Woven Stretch Belt

Packing suggestions:

  • Paul & Shark Seersucker Shirt
  • Brax Ultralight Cotton Pants
  • Leyva Canvas & Leather Belt

Packing suggestions:

  • Packing Suggestions:
  • L.B.M. Striped sweater
  • Eton Flamingo Shirt
  • Paul & Shark Shorts
  • Dom Vetro Glasses

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