Formal or dress attire rarely change, however are constantly updated. A man will always need a suit, shirt, tie, shoe combination—but not all combinations are created equally.

A good rule of thumb is that if your suit is over 5 years old, it’s probably outdated. If the elbows have not begun to show signs of wear already, the double pleat parachute pants and the oversized shoulder pads will be a dead giveaway to any discerning peer (or superior!).

Current trends state that the modern basic work suit is either solid navy or grey, single breasted, two button, moderately form fitting with a softer shoulder expression. Vents, lapels, fabrics, cuffs, patterns are all personal choice, but the tendency is certainly towards side vent, notch lapel, no cuff, no pleats, with tonal patterns where applicable. Emphasize a slim waistline no matter your size. Dressing up? Calm down. We’re here to help.