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Comfort and Function are at the heart of what Orian seeks to offer in their shirts. Having that as the driving force of their research and development has allowed them to offer the latest generation of techno-fabric shirts.


Thanks to our constant research for cutting-edge materials, Orian gets ahead of its time by bringing forward technical fabrics suited for formal male apparel and the new fashion trends. The latest generation of techno-fabrics for shirts – 100% Made in Italy – makes your clothing practical, comfortable and elegant, while also giving you a refined look and actual technical performance.


Environmentally Friendly

Our world is becoming more cognizant about how to care for our environment and the fashion industry is keeping up. We recycle plastic from the ocean all the time but have you heard it being used in clothing? If not we’ll be the first to bring it to you. Part of the fabric used by Orian features recycled plastic from the ocean.

Extra Comfortable - Stretch

Comfort has been one of the driving ideas for Orian. Using LYCRA® offers stretch in the fabric for freedom of movement as well as a perfect fit due to how it forms to the body. You can be sure you’ll feel comfortable wearing these shirts all day whether you’re in the office or moving around.

Machine Washable

If you find it tough to get to the dry cleaners don’t worry, the techno-fabric is machine washable with an extra short drying time. The only work you’ll needed is placing them on hangers out of the wash.

Wrinkle Free

You can put away the iron because with this shirt as you won’t need it! The fabric uses a special honeycomb structure which minimizes the formation of wrinkles. Take this out of the wash, hang to dry and you’ll be good to go the next day.

Shape Retaining & Breathable

With most items that stretch out we understand the concern of it loosening over time. The Four Way-stretch construction prevents such an occurrence from happening while making the fabric light and breathable. You can be certain the shirt will fit the same and feel as fresh as the first time you put it on.

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