The Consistently Casual Look

Bugatti Jackets -understated yet smart – the key fashion statement for the upcoming jacket collection. Sophisticated carelessness is masterfully orchestrated into all styles. At the beginning of the season, soft washed cottons are in the forefront, to be replaced later by mixed weaves and pure wool.

Strong colours give that certain something to textured velvet and cord-type outer fabrics. Grey, brown and blue in conjunction with a varied range of goods create an exciting look. The comfortable feel of the fabric is always a given – Bugatti consistently presents wellness to wear.

Small patterns such as herringbone, moulinés and cross-twills provide the main theme, but always with a smudgy, diffused look. Faux-waistcoats are a must in the winter programme, together with sleeve patches, decorative stitching and a sumptuously-lined look. Colour-coordinated under collars provide wearable contrast.

The Flexity theme also has innovations: The elasticated stretch jackets in this line become even more casual. Washed-cotton quality in a winter look makes this possible.




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